Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Why We Go - Child #2

Emma Reagan Powell came into this world with complete unpredictable means. She was a month early and decided to scare us two times before making her vocal debut in Fort Worth, Texas. You may remember from previous posts, Jeremy and I were told that it was a strong possibility we would be unable to have children through natural means. We both have medical conditions that tend to provide complications with conception. So the very idea that God decided to grant us the honor to have a child of our own was extremely humbling. We were typical first-time parents and then some.

The evening of February 26th, Emma - still in my womb - stopped moving for hours. She had done this once before 2 weeks earlier and my doctor rushed to admit me only to find I was dehydrated so Emma was too. However, this put me on high alert for the remainder of the pregnancy. She was due March 17, so we were still not there yet. House was ready. All the goofy parenting classes had been attended including the one with the fake breast that is intended to teach nursing, but really is just an enormous temptation for all the men in the room to burst into contagious giggling. We even had our bags packed for the hospital, so unlike other Powell Pandelerium, we were as prepared as we could be.

So we called the doctor on call. Drink a coke, she says. If Emma does not respond to the caffeine, than I am to go in for observation. No response. We get to the hospital to find that we are going to have to induce. My body was no longer able to provide for her and she was beginning to enter into a stage of distress. Here is where we start getting the typical Powell predicament. After Pitocin and many hours of listening to that precious little heartbeat, she arrived delivered by her father. My doctor was amazing. She entrusted Jeremy to actually be the first person that our child encountered as she was so rudely exposed to the cold and bright new world.

Fast forward two years. I had to talk Jeremy into more than one child as I wanted a house full and he thought one was great. However, we decided Emma needed a sibling, so we began trying, but we were not telling anyone this time. When we were trying to get pregnant the first time, I hated the constant interrogation from people. It was the first thing out of their mouth. "So, are you pregnant yet?" I don't know about you, but that drove me crazy. We also had been reminded how lucky we were to actually be blessed with the child we had and to try for another could be disappointing. So we kept to ourselves. By keeping #2 a secret, it was a lot less stressful.

Let me set the scene for you in the Powell world at this point in time. My mother passed away to cancer in November of 2006. Jeremy was receiving IV medication through a PICC line that I was administering because of a fungal infection in his vertebrae. The infection was actually compromising his ability to walk, so he was a mess. We were 700+ miles away from the nearest family member. And as some of our family vocalized - "Why would you do that?" There were concerns about Jeremy's long term prognosis, so many were afraid I would be operating as a parent of 2 with little to no help. Most girls turn to Mom for help during pregnancy and child rearing advice. I didn't have that anymore. Luckily, I learned a lot from her in the 27 years God allowed me to have under her watch.

So, why? Because we both felt the Lord tell us. The Lord had plans for this second child. The Lord was going to use our lives to tell His story once more. The Lord wanted all to see who He IS and who He will be forever and ever as He continues to work MIRACLES in our life.

So we were obedient. The couple that shouldn't be able to conceive did so again. It was purposed. I believe God wanted me to be pregnant with a little one under foot while our house flooded - twice. I believe God wanted me to be pregnant as we began communicating with another church to further the ministry God was calling us to do. I believe God wanted me to be pregnant when He wanted to mesmerize the medical world by allowing Jeremy to survive 108' fever. I believe God wanted me to be pregnant as I waged a war with dark forces striking horror into my toddler and completely destroying my spirit as she cried and screamed genuine tears of fear. I believe God wanted me to be pregnant during a move of 800 miles. I believe God wanted me to be pregnant with Abigail Jo Powell who was not named completely until we laid eyes upon her that beautiful November afternoon.

My pregnancy with Abigail was easier in some ways and more difficult in others. I literally had Cabbage Patch feet because of swelling, but she was worth it. We had made a connection with a new doctor and she got wind that Jeremy had delivered Emma. So when it came time for Abigail to enter the world, she looked at Jeremy and said, "Scrub up. I can't have you telling one child that you were able to deliver her and not the other."

The look on my husband's face was priceless. Dr. Heaton is an amazing person and physician. Since that day where she assisted with the arrival of my second miracle, she has been nothing but an encouragement and blessing to me. I need to get permission to take an entire piece just to tout her amazing ability to connect with her patients and create an element of trust that is invaluable.

Abigail Jo was what I saw when I looked her in the eyes for the first time. She is every bit of the Southern belle with a double name. She is every bit of the stereotypical second child. She is every bit of the little sister. She has great determination and ambition. She loves music and has an incredible wit. There is an enormous heart still waiting to be fully developed as we get glimpses of it with each little relationship she forms. Every day, I am watching as God continues to mold and shape her into the special person that she is to be - that He will use for His glory. Get ready world, for Abbi Jo is going to come at you in a BIG way. We are sure of this.

Why #2? Because He said so. He has already used her creation and existance to tell His story in enormous ways with just 6 years into the adventure. She has already impacted quite a few people of all sizes and I know God is going to use her to change even more for His glory. She has definitely changed mine. Why do you have the number you have? I would be interested to hear. Make sure you are allowing them to write an amazing autobiography radiating their Creator.

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