Monday, June 30, 2014

Lewis & Seuss

People I will Hug When I Get to Heaven

Of course there is an enormous list of people that I long to wrap my arms around in a joyous embrace of gratitude and relief when I finally am allowed to be in the presence of the Most High, but there are some that are beyond the accepted norm. All of my family, and I mean way back in my family lineage, will be among those I hug and jump up and down with as we are seeing Jesus face-to-face together. Yes, I believe that the same enthusiasm we express when we see a celebrity (insert images of teenage girls for Elvis, Beetles, NKOTB, and Justin Timberlake) will be expressed when we see the GREAT I AM. Think about it! You are going to finally see Jesus right before your eyes. Sometimes that creates in me the exact same energy I have when I cannot wait for Christmas to get here! Squeal!!

This leads me to the list of others. C.S. Lewis is one that I will hug and thank for his faithfulness to share his faith through his brilliant mind in not only his writings depicting his conversion to Christianity, but also the writings of the Chronicles of Narnia that are so masterfully authored to reveal the simplicity of faith through the actions and adventures of children. Thank you C.S. Lewis! Always winter, and never Christmas! What kind of a world would that be? Not our world. For a babe was born to a virgin, and allowed his life to be taken instead of the wicked so that there would be a Christmas – there would be reason to celebrate. The sacrifice of Aslan was the sacrifice of your savior – he died so that we do not have to die, but we can live forever with him. We celebrate Christmas because of the gift that was given to us and the punishment from which we were pardoned and protected.

I LOVE CHRISTMAS. Which brings me to another person that I will hug tightly – Theodor Seuss Geisel! I am a mom, so the whole concept of reading children’s books is just a given, but I am also a teacher and am always looking at the underlying meaning or the theme of the story I am reading my children or allowing them to read. Last night, I had an early Christmas in July. I sat down and read with my kiddo the wonderful How the Grinch Stole Christmas! Oh the story is so brilliantly written with just the cuteness of prose that Seuss presents in all of his writings, but the story’s theme is unmistakable to those of us who BELIEVE! Makes me giddy like a child. Talk about therapy – just go read a good children’s book and you will be smiling again!

“Christmas doesn’t come from a store, maybe Christmas perhaps means a little bit more!” – says the Grinch

Ah! I LOVE IT! Thank you so much for that! Do you know what that means for me? So many things! Because of this writing, I can communicate with my children the actual meaning of Christmas. Because of this writing and Lewis’ writing, we can communicate with others the true gospel in a hidden message through classic children’s literature! I can show that those who are bitter and jealous and sad can be touched and CHANGED by those who are celebratory of the Giver of Life. And those who are bitter and jealous and sad can be accepted by others. Genius!

Others I will hug, well that list is super long and may be in another post, but these two guys – I love them so! Thank you for using your talents to honor your Creator and utilizing your platform to speak truth!

You know you are itching to go read one of these stories all over again. Turn the TV off tonight and curl up with one of these authors. You will be glad that you did as your heart will be filled with joy and hope!

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