Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My Abbi and her puff

No sooner than I can blink and she is already developing 2 teeth in her little mouth and the little gummy smile that makes my heart skip a beat is beginning to disappear. I believe this is the actual stage for all moms that makes us ache the most. When they roll over, we cheer. When they sit up by themselves, we cheer. When they find their hands and feet, we giggle. When they copy our noises, we rejoice. When they wave bye-bye, we are in awe. But when those little teeth start to appear, oh the obvious change that occurs and our hearts begin to break because we know, oh how we painfully know that our baby is beginning to grow up. If you do not have one, you do not fully understand. The grin and drool that covers a baby's face is so unbelievably captivating. I could work for hours with peek-a-boo and mouth popping noises just to continue to get that same result. She has THE BEST SMILE EVER and yes she is my second child. Emma has a beautiful smile, but there is something to be said for that little round face with NO TEETH and little hair. She just warms my heart.

You know what I'm talking about. The one that she has when you walk into her room first thing in the morning and you meet eyes - it COVERS HER FACE and she begins dancing in her bed because you are there. My heart is getting butterflies as I describe it. Oh, I love her smile. The little teeth, on the bottom to be exact, are slowly creeping into sight. Therefore, my time of toothless grins is drawing to a close.

Yet, I am amazed by her in other ways and I know that is a gift from above. For just as I begin to grieve this loss, I am made aware of another accomplishment for her. We recently introduced her to big girl seating at the table and she quickly informed us that she has been awaiting this opportunity and we are the ones who have been holding back.

So today, we decided to dine on Puffs as we wait on Mommy to prepare our meal. She immediately knew what to do with it. She took the small star-shaped cereal puff and placed it in her little mouth. The first few times she would get it in the front of her mouth and lean forward trying to pull it farther into her mouth - like a baby would do with a bottle being pulled away from them. It was quite funny. However, at about Puff #3 she gets it. She puts it in the side of her mouth and begins chewing on it with her gums like you and I chew our food at each meal. I was so amazed. Then she won my heart further - she smiled at me because she was SO PROUD of herself. She knew. She knew that was what she was to do with that strange thing and she did it. Do you hear the crazy Dora song - "We did it! We did it! We did it! Yeah!"

I will miss the gummy grin, but I am loving my Puff Princess.