Monday, December 10, 2007

Couch Phone

I have so many new stories to share and pictures to post. I plan to get one a week maybe as the year comes to an end. I will not be more ambitious than that, but I have some sweet moments to share and some hilarities as well. We are the Powells, you know? I will begin by my absentmindedness that occurred the other day. As most of you know, I am now learning to balance two children. Please know that I will continue to commend those of you who have multiple children and work and deal with all of the other extras in life. I have 2 small ones and neither are playing soccer or softball and I am just now getting into somewhat of a groove. Whew!

Last week I was packing my things to go to my father's house for the evening and this is the event that occurred. I find that if I get Emma ready first, life is somewhat easier because she is contained (somewhat) and is also in "helper-mode" if needed for little sister. She is come along so well with the adjustment of a sibling. At first, we had your normal drama of everything being so devastating and tragic and magnified, but now she is getting into the swing of things. As I was preparing the girls and myself to leave, I loaded them strategically. I first took Emma out to the car and got her secure with a toy and closed the door. I told her that I was going to get her sister and would be back.

I ended up coming back to the car with bags and odds and ends probably 4 times, before I brought Abbi out and each time Emma would ask, "now are you going to get my sister?" I felt like a dolt, but I kept forgetting something and I would remember just as I would enter the house to get Abbi. The last time I went back into the house, it was the ever needed cell phone that I remembered I needed. We had been unable to find it earlier that day and I thought we had called it and it didn't ring. I had suspected that it was dead and I would find it eventually in a diaper bag.

With one last attempt to find it so that Jeremy could get a hold of me, I called my cell phone from the house phone one more time. The trio of Pattie Labelle, Celine Dion, & Mariah Carey singing "You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman" began blaring out of our living room. I jumped with anticipation because the battery was still alive. So I start seeking out the sound. It leads me to the large blue couch. I think, "Oh, it must have fallen down in the cushions out of my pocket last night."

I begin sticking my hands down deep into the recesses of the couch. Nothing! I have to call the phone again, because it quit ringing. By now, I have the cushions off the couch and I am pressing my ear against the bottom lining of the frame. Again, these divas begin bellowing from the depth of my furniture. I then slide the couch back against the wall thinking it might be under the couch. Nothing!

I wrestle with the couch for a good 5 minutes. Keep in mind that Emma is still out in the car and Abbi is in her car seat in the kitchen. Both are just waiting on Mom - as usual. I am now dumbfounded. I can even feel the couch vibrating when the phone rings. I know it is in there, but how the heck do I get to it. I then vaguely remembering something falling the night before and thinking it was the remote control, I did nothing. It was my phone and it had fallen so deep within the couch it hit the floor through the frame lining on the bottom of the couch. So now I think, I've got to turn the couch over. Then I realize, that me having this phone is not as crucial as my two children who are waiting on me to get the show on the road - literally.

So now, I call Jeremy at work and decide I will just tell him I am off to my father's house and he can reach me there later. You know, inform people of your agenda like we did in the good old days - pre-cell phone years. What an idiot I am? I call and get the church secretary who informs me that Jeremy is meeting with someone. I then request that she just tell him where I am and I don't have my cell phone. I also explain to her why.

She then says to me, "well there's another 'What the Crap?' moment." It hadn't even dawned on me how retarded this event was until she said that. I have become so accustomed to these outbreaks that they are the norm.

More later - Emma and the Bush, Dad's Sit-ups, Do You Not Know?, Abigail Jo, Barbie Girl, But It's OK Mom