Sunday, May 13, 2007


How much does that amount to you? What do you contemplate when quoted a figure of that nature? Where can you go with that value? Who can you take with you?

I will tell you what I think of when told of this number. I think of ice cream sandwiches from the "Ice Cream" man that cannot be bought. I think of baseball cards and treasures from the $1 bin at Target that can no longer be claimed. I think of a Happy Meal that is not being enjoyed. I think of giggles and smiles and little hands and ENORMOUS HEARTS. I think of Mommies and Daddies exemplifying sacrifice and love. I think of Grandmommies and Grandaddies who give without condition and show their babies how to do the same. I think of innocent love that sees things as things and people as objects of affection. I think of the shiniest penny I have ever seen in my life and the same sparkle that glistens in the eyes of the child that willingly gave it to me. TO ME! Why me?

This morning I concluded worship service with all of these wonderful reminders of who Christ is as my God. I was reminded that Moms are precious and they are why most children are the way they are. I was reminded that Mother's Day is a celebration of parenting and the job that is issued to us as we embrace these little ones into our world. Of course, this makes me very emotional because of my current state. It also is a reminder that this Mother's Day is now different for me. My Mom is celebrating with her ultimate parental guardian - her Heavenly Father who has released her of all of the trying responsibilities of being a Mom. And while I mourn this great loss, I am flooded with emotion over the amazing examples of phenomenal mothers that surround me, particularly in my church.

As I reflect on that, I am taken aback once more by finding a small envelope on my husband's desk addressed to me. I open it to find this most beautiful note.

Mrs. Jodi,
This month we are learning about endurance. Thank you for being an example and not giving up even when it gets tough. You are a mom that has endurance.
Happy Mother's Day!
All of us on Kidstreet
Mrs. Inga, Gracie Mae, Ayrianna, Andrew, Crystal, Grayson, Noah, Garrett, Trevor, Jeremy, Jake, RC, Bailey, Nick, Autumn, Audrey, Jordan, Thai, Kadyn, Colton, Chantal, Clayton, Wynter, Emily, Ashley, Chase, Thong, Myan, Binh

Enclosed in the note was $4.32. I was shocked and amazed at this most breathtaking gift. This is nothing short of a reflection of the innocence of a child's loving heart and the reflection that each of them represent of their parents.

Thank you for giving us such beautiful children and thank you for humbling me once more. I am in awe of each of them and of all of you!