Friday, February 09, 2007


I cut her bangs. They were jagged and wispy. I cut her bangs. And guess what, 3 times after that she has STILL BEEN MISTAKEN FOR A BOY. I left the curls in the back. I dress her in pinks and purples and reds and yellows. I need to shape the rest of her growth, but I am afraid to touch it for fear she will always be mistaken for a boy until I have a french braid reaching her hiney. I cut her bangs. I am not sorry I did so, but I am sorry she still gets mistaken. I will post a picture this weekend. To me she just looks more defined, not grown up, just defined. I know, I'm goofy. You all love me.


KristenRea said...

I had earrings in BOTH ears and was still mistaken for a boy even when I was five!!!

Debbie said...

Hey.. can you send me your email address? Kristen knows mine. :-)

Debbie C