Thursday, July 27, 2006

Vacation Part 1

We journeyed to a cooler region of the 'ol US of A to find some of the beauty that remains unchanged by man. Our week long experience covered 3 states and hundreds of miles, but we loved every minute of it. A concern was raised about taking toddlers on a vacation that was more attractive to adults (hiking, kayaking, site seeing, etc.), but it was quickly erased and our children were fabulous. The picture that is enclosed is of the Powell family after a lovely hike in Grand Teton National Park. The peak behind us is one of the many towering snow capped mountains in the Teton Range. Grand Teton herself is not visible in the picture, but she is behink another mountain to the left. Of course our hike was limited by the children in terms of distance, but the enjoyment we received in watching them explore God's creation was amazing. Emma devoured every dandylion she could pick and Drew gazed at the waterfall and it seemed as if he really was in awe of the masterpiece.

Please don't miss out on these timeless opportunities! You don't have to have a Chuck-E-Cheese or a Little Gym to find entertainment for your wee ones. Just remember the Discovery School that God made.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

She's Gone

Have you ever had to say goodbye to a lifelong friend? Have you ever broken up with someone that you loved deeply, but you knew they weren't the one? Have you ever walked away from an experience knowing life would never be the same again?

I have!

A little over five years ago I married my best of friends! We began a new life together that has been a nonstop adventure from day one. Not long after that adventure began, we invited another into our hearts to join us in our journey and she has been with us through it all up until now. She was there when we had the dead mouse in our house in Kentucky. She was there when we moved to Texas in 104 degree heat and sat outside most of the day during the move. She was there through purse & car robberies. She was there when our home was vandalized and ironically she didn't make a peep. She was there through our 3rd move and acclimated herself to yet another new environment. She was there through the introduction of another new member into our home.

And now she is gone. Last night, Jeremy and I made one of the most difficult decisions of our life - we let Scout go. Have I cried? Haven't stopped. Has he cried? I will answer yes. She was our first baby. She was our cuddle buddy. She licked tears away when things didn't go right. She brought unstoppable laughter when we needed it most. However, with our changing environment, life was becoming unfair for her. We needed to right that for her and provide her with the opportunity to live to the fullest. She needed a home that would take her to the park regularly and would walk her and play with her and make her feel so important. She needed more love than we were able to give now.

She didn't understand Emma and Emma didn't understand her. Therefore, it was necessary to separate them before more harm could be done. Are we broken hearted? Is there any other feeling to have when one of your most dearest friends is removed from your life forever? We are happy for her and we know the wonderful young lady that took her is happy as well. This is what is best.

We know it and you know it too. Thanks for enduring our ongoing battle with this decision. We will be ok - maybe not tomorrow, but soon.

She's gone.