Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Christmas Came

You have watched my countdown to the incredible holiday event and as we are all aware through the fatigue and bloating we may be feeling, Christmas did indeed come. My beautiful daughter received far more than we even imagined and we were elated to watch her enjoy it all. She will be knowledgable on shapes, colors, numbers, letters, animals, Swahili, you name it before her first birthday. We are truly blessed with family that cares so much for her well being and seeks to provided for her in even her most fragile state. This same family seeks to provide for Jeremy and I as well humbling us as we realize we are among the few in America that still have these types of relationships with their loved ones. As we look back over two whirlwind weeks in the Powell house, we realize that Christmas - the celebratory date - has come and gone. However, as Jeremy so eloquently put in on the 25th, Christmas did in fact come and praise God, it has not gone. Instead, those who truly believe in Our Lord and Savior are left knowing that because Christmas came, we can celebrate with our families. Because Christmas came, we can understand what the spririt of giving is. Because Christmas came, we develop a sense of appreciation and sacrifice. Because Christmas came, we begin to know true love and devotion. Because Christmas came, we have hope.

Has Christmas come to your home? Do you truly grasp all of these gifts?

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