Thursday, December 01, 2005


I am not referring to the gas station, but rather the blend of Texas and Mexico. We were discussing in class today the Mexican governmental perspective on the American immigrants in Texas during the 1820s. I always try to emphasize the Mexican standpoint because to their history and heritage, their argument for the fear of rebellion was extremely justifiable. Had they had enough organization and manpower, they might have kept the Texas Revolution from being victorious for the American/Texans - maybe.

What would life be like if the Great Migration had not pushed Americans West into Texas and Texas was still a part of Mexico?

Or what would life be like of Texas had never been accepted into the Union and was still struggling to be it's own state?

Deep-rooted Texans argue we should secede now from the US. Are they crazy? I think so, but some of you might not.


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KristenRea said...

I like being part of the Union, but that doesn't mean that I don't take a little pride in the fact that Texas definitely feels like a different country sometimes. ;-)