Monday, October 24, 2005

Flu - a handicap

There are things that happen to us in life to force us to come to a greater appreciation for our gifts and abilities. I now greatly appreciate many things because of my recent illness and I would like to share them with you. You may wonder how I come to the appreciations after only experiencing the flu and not something more traumatic, but you must also understand my surroundings during those 3-4 days and my circle of influence.

The blessing to hold my daughter, to nurse my daughter, to sooth/comfort my daughter, to put her to bed, to prepare her meals, to feed her meals, to get in the floor and play with her, to bath her, to prepare my husbands meals, to clean my house, to sort my laundry, to go to Walmart, to talk on the phone, to read, to taste food, to know when my body can do no more, ...and still do more, rest, caring family, a great job with forgiveness, tomorrow, healing - physical and spiritual and mental, medical professionals to identify my issue, medical professionals who create solutions for my issues, flexibility, a husband that will pick up where I left off, a church that will pray, peanut butter, YMCA, good knees, good ankles, motivation to run, results of running, substitute teachers, sitting up, crawling, first teeth, and more.

So many of these things I would be lost without and I often do not take the time to thank the Lord above for their place in my life...What are you thankful for today that you haven't been before? Do you remember your first tooth? Do you know what you would do without the 30+ in your mouth now?

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