Thursday, October 27, 2005

Old Money

Today in my class we are studying about the social classes of Colonial Society and of today. My students have been informed that "Old Money" is at the top of society and is unattainable by we that have not inherited it. Yet, they cannot grasp that. They asked me over and over again, "Can we become Upper-Upper Class?" Again, and again I would sadly explain that they may only attain Lower-Upper Class in this lifetime - "New Money". The constant urge to be at the top though perplexed them and troubled them greatly. Why is there a class that exists that we cannot reach? Don't you see? We created the class system ourselves by how we perceive each other in terms of $$$, education, family connection, occupation, etc. Therefore, we in essence, created the "Old Money" classification and hence, we created the unattainable goal...

Space-Aged Gas Pumps

Have any of you been to the new gas pumps at SAM'S? I went there yesterday to fuel my thirsty vehicle and they have these cool new pumps. They are metallic silver with a giant computer monitor much like those at the fancy ATM machines. The display was clear and colorful and I was mesmerized for some strange reason. They also have new nozzles from which to pump your gas and they are protectant of your best interest with those rubber cover thingys that prevent the gas from splattering on you. How random, yet how fabulous?

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Winter Weather Woofing

Already realized by many in the psychological research area, I am once again discovering myself that cooler weather brings upon the lax in effort to maintain self control at the feeding trough. For the past two days, I have been unable to resist random snacking and sugar intake and for that I am already able to attest to extra padding in areas that needed NOTHING EXTRA! One must also contribute the factor that I have not been motivated to rise up from the bed and take on my morning exercising regiment either because I do not desire to remove myself from the warmth of my covers. Snuggly weather. Snacky weather. Stinky weather. Sinful weather. I must say that hot chocolate is from heaven, but I cannot deny that a daily intake of such will lead to cavities, calories, and cottage cheese. Are you finding yourself visiting Starbucks all the more? Are you finding that you are aware of clothes being more snug because of a new definition of Middle Passage? I choose my sweaters by their ability to cover my humps - and I am not referring to my lovely lady lumps! Thank you Black Eyed Peas! Do not check me out! Aaaagggghhh!

Monday, October 24, 2005

Flu - a handicap

There are things that happen to us in life to force us to come to a greater appreciation for our gifts and abilities. I now greatly appreciate many things because of my recent illness and I would like to share them with you. You may wonder how I come to the appreciations after only experiencing the flu and not something more traumatic, but you must also understand my surroundings during those 3-4 days and my circle of influence.

The blessing to hold my daughter, to nurse my daughter, to sooth/comfort my daughter, to put her to bed, to prepare her meals, to feed her meals, to get in the floor and play with her, to bath her, to prepare my husbands meals, to clean my house, to sort my laundry, to go to Walmart, to talk on the phone, to read, to taste food, to know when my body can do no more, ...and still do more, rest, caring family, a great job with forgiveness, tomorrow, healing - physical and spiritual and mental, medical professionals to identify my issue, medical professionals who create solutions for my issues, flexibility, a husband that will pick up where I left off, a church that will pray, peanut butter, YMCA, good knees, good ankles, motivation to run, results of running, substitute teachers, sitting up, crawling, first teeth, and more.

So many of these things I would be lost without and I often do not take the time to thank the Lord above for their place in my life...What are you thankful for today that you haven't been before? Do you remember your first tooth? Do you know what you would do without the 30+ in your mouth now?


Could it be a reference to scary movies? Could it be a reference to the age of many of my students? Could it be a reference to the number of presents I want under the tree for me at Christmas? Could it be a reference to you?

Monday, October 10, 2005

Jane Honkas

Goin' to the chapel and we're
Gonna get married
Goin' to the Chapel and we're
Gonna get married!

For many of you, this monumentous occasion has come and gone and now you are enjoying the blissfulness of marriage! ;0) My best girlfriend Janet has reminded me of those butterflies I had in my stomach and the constant smile I had on my face the months after my precious mate asked me to walk the isle with him! She is quickly planning her nuptials to Jimmy and they are elated. Do I tell them? Nah, they are only in for nothing but excitement and good fortune from this point on? There are numerous things I wish that someone would have told me or that I would have listened to before we said I do. It would have changed absolutely nothing about my decision, but I would have been a better wife from day 1 instead of just now trying in year 5. Sorry babe! I love that I am getting to hear all of the giggling and ideas as she meets with caterers and florists and photographers. I love hearing about trying on gowns and color options for the attendants. I love reminding her that this is HER DAY and NOBODY ELSE'S as she takes opinions from all of the outside forces in her life. What was your experience like? What do you hope it to be like? Know what you want and you will find a way to make it happen...I promise that!

Who is Jane Honkas? Janet's imaginary friend from childhood. Only child sydrome...did you have one? Did they have a last name?


Lately I am good at creating posts reflecting specific numbers. The above gives account to two separate descriptions or facts about myself at this moment in time. Those of you who know me, know them both. Those of you that don't may simply just assume that I am odd. To grasp the awareness of 27 in relation to value in time means you know exactly how important 31 was and how important 20 will be on the 17th. Comprende?

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Reflection in Search of Direction

My thoughts that I have today are not necessarily seeking a response, but perhaps to let you know where I am because sometimes I have a hard time vocalizing my thoughts - I don't know, something about that fear of rejection or embarassment - that kinda crap. Let me preface my thoughts by introducing what has brought me to them in the first place - reflection. My 10 year high school reunion is upon me! 10 YEARS! I cannot believe this day is finally here. I have mixed emotions of excitement and fear rolled into one. Some of you could care less about this event, but you probably did not invest as much of yourself into this time in your life as I did. When asked by senior teachers to create goals for myself for the next 5-10 years, I took them literally. 10 years have come and I am now in thought about my goals. Ironically, most of them have come true - but the funny thing is, as they were unfolding and occuring I was not conscious of my list made back at Mortimer Jordan High School. I was just simply living. Do I have the ability to forsee the future - probably not. I am just blessed. Living in Fort Worth, TX was not a part of my plan, yet it is a pleasant surprise. Being married to a minister was not specifically in my wording, but my heart knew that my place was in the ministry and He has put me in the role of a helpmate for a worker in His business! :) Therefore, I am in the ministry too. I didn't know that I would be teaching school, but I did know that I would be working with youth - I LOVE IT! My first occupational choice was a licensed counselor for troubled teens - I am doing that, just without the license. ;0) Here is a funny one - I hoped to have a child by 27. Who can predict that? I did! Hmmm... I also predicted the time of my second child. Hmmm...

There is now a void I feel though. What now Lord? This question was probably provoked by our amazing dinner engagement we experienced with Dr. RT Kendall and Dr. James Leo Garrett on Sunday evening. Both gentlemen kindly entertained the questions and comments of my husband and myself as well as their families. Jeremy and I have been in prayer for quite some time now over where we are and how blessed we are by the Spirit and His gracious hand of mercy. I cannot help but see signs of change coming soon. Fear not, for I do not see a rapid exit, but I am aware that something will change. Will it be about my current time crunch? I don't know. Will it be about my educational endeavors or about Jeremy's educational endeavors? I don't know. I am stuck where I am right now - seeking and listening. My passage this morning was in 1 Samuel covering Jonathan's conquering of the Philistine encampment with only his armor bearer at his side. What now Lord? What now?

Pray for me...