Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Who's to Blame?

Of course I would choose this topic to begin my blogging career from because as a historian, it is the current dilema of my time. We have exhausted every avenue in which to direct the blame and our fingers should ache from holding them in this position for so long. When will we as a human race finally grasp the concept that the time wasted on seeking such divine answers - answers that possibly are not crucial to what needs to be accomplished next - is time that could be used to rebuilding humanity and giving hope to those without by demonstrating compassion, grace, and love. When reflecting upon my week and the weeks of fellow friends and colleagues, I often find they are swamped with meetings...meetings that are designated to prevent further meetings perhaps, but still meetings. If responsibility were learned by all, than meetings would be effortless and perhaps useless. We meet to organize - because there are those who cannot within each group, therefore all must meet for those few. We meet to plan - again for the same reason. We meet to correct - for those who did not plan or organize and failed to attend meeting one and two. We meet to counsel - to direct those in lower authorities how to navigate through their responsibilities. We meet to advise - to remind those in certain positions of their potential and their limitations. We meet to eat - to comfort ourselves from all of the stress that has accumulated from prior meetings. When will we stop meeting and start doing? When will we not have to be reminded of our responsibilities in each role we take including human being. Your responsibility as a president is understood. Your responsibility as government official is understood - federal, state, & local. Your responsibility as a citizen is understood? or is it? Your responsibility as a created person is understood? or is it?

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Jeremy said...

There were many things that you have said which I don't understand... perhaps it is best that I'm not a historian.