Thursday, September 22, 2005

Beneficial Mornings

Every morning I fight the same battle that everyone in America faces - rising. Here is my dilema. If I do not remove my lard butt from the plush pillowtop mattress I am cuddling, then I eventually anger myself because I start my day off later than planned. My morning schedule is quite complex and if any time is shaved off of it, I become quickly frustrated and sometimes bezerk, quite frankly. So how to I get myself up? Some mornings I say to myself, "you are going to regret it". This is fact. Some mornings the other side of my subconcious says, "you deserve to lay here 9 more minutes." This is pointless. Really it is. 9 more minutes always turns to 18 and the vicious cycle begins. This morning for example, I planned to remove myself from the bed at 5:15. I think I got up an HOUR later. Needless to say my day is now just in shambles. I don't even have proper attire for the second part of my day. Every minute counts and yet I cannot win. I am a runner, yet, I have made that venture twice this week instead of my typical 4-5. Exhausted I remain even with the extra hour of "rest". I may enlist someone to call and yell at me in the early morning hour so I will get up - i.e. Clay Skipper. Otherwise the cycle will continue and I will again become a worthless rolly polly with the energy of a watch battery.


Jeremy said...

Hey Hey Hey.... calling early in the morning serves not only to wake up you JodiGail, but also me... this is quite an unfair turn of events

KristenRea said...

that's what cell phones are for. ;-)