Thursday, September 29, 2005

Football Weather

Hallelujah! Hooray! Yippee! Praise the Lord! Yeehaw! Whoo hoo! Yessss! Today I arose and went through my morning ritual (minus my jog because I am a lazy bum). I openned the back door to release the hound upon the grassy knoll and found much to my delight the weatherman had actually been correct in his forcast. The Norther had swept into our little town and it was in fact quite cooler outside. There is nothing greater than the crisp breeze on a cool Autumn morning or the same slightly damp air sinking in on a Fall evening. This seasonal climate change is always associated with the fondest of memories to me. It brings about nothing greater than the images of football in my mind. I always stop and take a deep breath soaking in the aroma. It floods me with emotions of high school football games and college game day in the SEC (there is no other conference). Just the right temperature for a long sleeve t-shirt or a light pullover, yet not cold enough for your big thick coat with mittens. That shall come though! Just the right temperature to begin to entertain the notion of hot chocolate, warm nachos with artificial cheese, steaming hot dogs and corn dogs and stale popcorn. Just cool enough where if you paint your face it won't melt off. Perfect temperature to enjoy after game activities without worrying about perspiration marks on your attire. Get out your sweatshirts, pompoms, bull horns, & caps. Take time to clear your calendar for highlights and pep rallies. Change your ring tones and voicemails to reflect your alliance. IT IS FINALLY TIME FOR FOOTBALL MY FRIENDS!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Emma is seven months old today! My mind cannot begin to wrap around that concept. My child will be a year old in 5 months. She is 3 months away from her first Christmas. She is 2 months away from her first Thanksgiving where she will meet her Nana and Grandaddy for the first time. She is 1 month away from her first Halloween where she will gather candy that she cannot consume - chocolate and peanut butter please. SHE IS SEVEN MONTHS OLD! The Lord has been so gracious to our family to allow us to experience the amazing joy of parenting. She is perfect


Recently it has been brought to my attention that my understanding of the term "nondenomenational" and other understandings of this word may not be synonemous. I plead ignorance and lack of proper research; therefore, improper usage of the term. All my life, nondenomenational was affiliated with the description of an institution or grouping that is not affiliated with a particular denomenation of the Christian faith. This would include such groupings as the Presbyterian, Lutheran, Church of Christ, Church of God, Pentecostal, Bible Church, Baptist, Methodist, etc. Where my etc. ends the previous list, other understandings see it as just a beginning. I was informed that nondenomenational is a term used to describe ALL RELIGIONS. My statement to the person making this claim was, "oh, you mean like Unitarian." She then, states, "no, because Unitarian is a Christian faith." I decided not to debate this issue with her at the moment because we were pressed for time. I need your feedback. Is nondenomenational a description of all institutions who believe in God as the ultimate Creator and believe Christ to be essential to salvation, yet maintain different approaches to worship, government, and practice? Or is nondenomenational referring to all religious institutions that organize for group worship?

Friday, September 23, 2005

Hurricane Hazzards

Today the Trojan Volleyball team was to encounter their first major game of the volleyball season by competing with Holland Hall from Tulsa, OK. Holland Hall has made the executive decision to not travel to the DFW area because of the pandelerium that has erupted as a result of Rita. I am definitely on the band wagon of caution being necessary now after the Wrath of God was unleashed upon both the uncivilized and the civilized of New Orleans. However, I cannot deny the disappointment that I am experiencing because of no match. Everything as we know it is beginning to change and adapt as our world encounters everything with new guards.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Beneficial Mornings

Every morning I fight the same battle that everyone in America faces - rising. Here is my dilema. If I do not remove my lard butt from the plush pillowtop mattress I am cuddling, then I eventually anger myself because I start my day off later than planned. My morning schedule is quite complex and if any time is shaved off of it, I become quickly frustrated and sometimes bezerk, quite frankly. So how to I get myself up? Some mornings I say to myself, "you are going to regret it". This is fact. Some mornings the other side of my subconcious says, "you deserve to lay here 9 more minutes." This is pointless. Really it is. 9 more minutes always turns to 18 and the vicious cycle begins. This morning for example, I planned to remove myself from the bed at 5:15. I think I got up an HOUR later. Needless to say my day is now just in shambles. I don't even have proper attire for the second part of my day. Every minute counts and yet I cannot win. I am a runner, yet, I have made that venture twice this week instead of my typical 4-5. Exhausted I remain even with the extra hour of "rest". I may enlist someone to call and yell at me in the early morning hour so I will get up - i.e. Clay Skipper. Otherwise the cycle will continue and I will again become a worthless rolly polly with the energy of a watch battery.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Southern Dictionaries

Words are so necessary in truly understanding one another. Yes, yes, we can communicate without them, but to hear accents, pronunciations, and diction allows us to see even further into the heart of a person. Do not misunderstand this though! By this definition I am not stating that one who "mispronounces" a word is lacking - this is far from the case. I see one who "mispronounces" as one who introduces ideas to the rest of their fellow man. Perhaps the way that the word has been pronounced previously is not beneficial to society. Perhaps the previous emphasis is on the wrong syllable. Perhaps simply the person is simply trying to connect with us and simply needs redirecting on how they might do so in larger circles. Or perhaps you are missing out on that circle!

Words to contemplate:
column - meaning pillar or post - pronounced callyum
battery - meaning element to conduct electric power to a device - pronounced battree
or how about:
Whomperjawed - something that is not alligned appropriately - phonetic pronunciation is acceptable
emo - referring to someone who is truly emotional
metro- as in metrosexual - referring to a male who takes great interest in their hygiene

Any additions would be welcomed to this posting.

The Most Beautiful Girl in the World

"I was driving through Mississippi today and I saw a billboard with her picture on it. It said simply, "the most beautiful girl in the world'." -JRAnderson

Who's to Blame?

Of course I would choose this topic to begin my blogging career from because as a historian, it is the current dilema of my time. We have exhausted every avenue in which to direct the blame and our fingers should ache from holding them in this position for so long. When will we as a human race finally grasp the concept that the time wasted on seeking such divine answers - answers that possibly are not crucial to what needs to be accomplished next - is time that could be used to rebuilding humanity and giving hope to those without by demonstrating compassion, grace, and love. When reflecting upon my week and the weeks of fellow friends and colleagues, I often find they are swamped with meetings...meetings that are designated to prevent further meetings perhaps, but still meetings. If responsibility were learned by all, than meetings would be effortless and perhaps useless. We meet to organize - because there are those who cannot within each group, therefore all must meet for those few. We meet to plan - again for the same reason. We meet to correct - for those who did not plan or organize and failed to attend meeting one and two. We meet to counsel - to direct those in lower authorities how to navigate through their responsibilities. We meet to advise - to remind those in certain positions of their potential and their limitations. We meet to eat - to comfort ourselves from all of the stress that has accumulated from prior meetings. When will we stop meeting and start doing? When will we not have to be reminded of our responsibilities in each role we take including human being. Your responsibility as a president is understood. Your responsibility as government official is understood - federal, state, & local. Your responsibility as a citizen is understood? or is it? Your responsibility as a created person is understood? or is it?