Wednesday, July 01, 2015

When You're Hot, You're Hot

Mine as well accept it. When your hot, your hot? Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah…nah, nah, nah, nah, nah! My definition of hot and your definition of hot may differ slightly. You see, our family is in the process of writing one amazing story. Yet, I have been under some type of allusion for the past 5-10 years closure was on the horizon. I have had a desire to compile all of our life experiences into one collection, but for some reason, I have hesitated. Today, I think i have had an epiphany of the rationale for why I have not written any of it to a book form yet.

I was waiting.

Yep, that’s the truth. I was waiting for a lull in the chaos that would be indicative of the closing of the book so that I could write beginning to end. There is where the foolishness sneaks into the picture. It is never over. Most of you have already come to that great awareness in your life, but I guess I am little more hard headed. IT IS NOT OVER UNTIL IT’S OVER.

The story is constantly in script revisions and is being added onto. Your story, too. Right now, the Powells are living through at least Volume 5 or 6 of the story of our life. So with that awareness I must also confess that recent events in our story are what caused me to see that the lull will never be long enough. You must simply take the moments and capture them, trusting that the true author is writing a best seller.

Why? Because God wants glory. Because God wants to use our family to make Him famous. Because God wants others to know what He does and will do. Because God is God and I am not. That is why I say we are hot. Not because we are cover model worthy, well maybe my hunky husband. We are constantly under the Refiner’s fire. Every once in a while, we come out of the fire to see what parts of our lives are still in need of improvement and then back into the fire we go.

So where does that bring comfort when things seem disastrous or at least challenging? God has never let me down. When I am under fire, He is holding me. He provides for me necessities even greater than the basics (food, water, shelter). He provides me with access to medical wisdom. He provides for me relationships with people to help me or to comfort me or to inform me. He has given me rest when I will take it. And if you truly look back over challenges and storms in your life, you will see how He has provided for you.

Thus far, I have been able to have the joy of looking back over events in our life and see God’s providence, deliverance, and sovereignty. The chapters that have already been written are precious and vital, but they are not the end. If we are to continue to live for the Lord, than we will continue to experience persecution and strife. Our world is changing in morals and ethics every day. We also have to combine the external change with the every day challenges of raising children, paying bills, managing a home, and maintaining healthy relationships. We are turning the page. I pray this chapter brings honor to His name and look forward to seeing His provisions along the way.