Friday, November 07, 2014

Is There Hope?

Our nation went through one of the greater phenomena of this era Tuesday – the complicated yet amazingly powerful voice of the vote. This right AND responsibility is taken for granted on so many levels. Never in our nation’s history have we ever had a voter turnout of 100%. Of course, why bother when there are dead people voting in North Carolina. They will vote for you, right? To be able to express your opinion on the choice of laws and of leaders is such a privilege. We have such a duty to maintain a respect of that privilege by actually exercising that right. Otherwise, I fear it will one day be taken away. You and I both know that there are fully functioning countries in this world that have citizens who are not allowed the same amount of power and voice in their government, and you and I both know that those citizens are not always unhappy with that set-up. When you have never had freedom of voice in such a powerful way, you do not comprehend the absence of it. When you have never tasted chocolate, you do not know what you are missing.

For quite some time now, we have been on the verge of a great collapse within our nation. We can blame the government all we want. Quite frankly, I do find myself throwing things across my living room because of the latest laws that are made and economic absurdities that are exemplified by our leaders that will devastate, if not cripple, the future of my children. There was a time when I saw in our leaders the desire to plan for a future for our country and to rise above adversity. There was a time where I found our nation to be something to be reckoned with in the development of our power and prestige. But the previous development in the heart of man has also quickly brought about the demise of our united body. Men who want power make promises to people in order to maintain the power. Individuals who want prestige create situations that bring about recognition. The desire to pursue excellence at the cost of popularity is long gone.

We cannot totally blame the politician though, my friend. For it is you and I that have placed these people in the seat of power and it is you and I that have exercised our freedom in voting to grant them permission to sit there. It is you and I that have allowed them to be re-elected without question or accountability. It is you and I that have excused their shortcomings so that they can continue to thrive on the power kick. We cannot complain about decisions they make when we have given them permission. Or have you? Did you vote? Did you make a decision? Did you research candidates and seek to find the one that will best serve in the position? When you hire someone for your job, you don’t just look at a list of applicants and choose the one with the best name or neatest hobbies. You research them through the interview process and through contacting references. Did you research your candidates before you played eenie-meenie?

I have been in a place of hopelessness for our deteriorating country. I see the sin and the shame and the selfish desires overcoming the whole and drowning out the pure and stifling the truth. I see people so wrapped up in their sin that they excuse the behavior of others so that they can resume their dabbling in the pool of temptation. There were some significant shifts in power Tuesday that are reflective of voters speaking out about their lack of satisfaction. This gave me hope. Understand me clearly, though. It was not the party shift that gave me hope. It was the people voicing their disgruntlement with previous leadership decisions that gave me hope. It was people stating they want their leaders to know that they are seeking to hold them accountable. That gave me hope, for I felt that Americans were beginning to excuse selfish ambition and deceit.

Will this be a change for the better? Only time will tell. Jeremiah clearly tells us in chapter 15 verse 19, “if you repent, I will restore you that you may serve me.” Our nation is far from a state of repentance. Yet, the creation of some type of awareness that they are at least paying attention is giving me hope. It is lighting the small flame of faith that had fizzled out in my soul. Now, it is the duty of those who are in service of the Lord at this time to exemplify what a restored life looks like and to lead by voice and action. Will it make an instant change? No. Will it push people to think? Yes. Never underestimate who is watching. You are always being watched by someone. Are you exhibiting qualities of a Christ-filled and God-fearing life or are you mediocre in your faith and choose not to exercise accountability to your fellow man? Be careful with your power. It is great and can change lives for the good or for the bad.

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

I Return

It occurred to me as I contemplated where to begin my writing again, there has been a gross void in my soul for the past few months as I have not been able to invest in such an activity. This is not to say that the activities of which I have been engaged are unimportant or not blessing me in great ways. Yet, it is an awareness once again, that if the Lord has given you a talent and you are not exercising such a gift, you will not be at peace. Let me preface the rest of this publication by stating I am aware that my writing is inadequate when compared to many who are among the successfully published, so know that I am not seeking accolades OR am I trying to be too big for my britches, as my momma would say. It is to say that I find my peace by bringing pen to paper (or key to screen) the revelations that God bestows upon me weekly, daily, hourly. I have kept silent for too long. I have missed grand opportunity to shout out his name from the rooftop. I have sinned. Yes, I admit it. I have sinned. To not do what He calls you to do because you are fearful OR because you are TOO BUSY (Jodi Powell) is a sin. Plain and simple.

So I write. I write to release the thoughts he has allowed me to capture and ponder. I write to release the burdens of which I carry for our world. I write to release the passions of my heart. I write to release the questions that I possess. I write.

These past few months have been a whirlwind of activity in my house. Through moving, changing jobs, changing accounts, starting new schools, starting new extracurricular activities, establishing new routines, purging and organizing, and maintaining a new schedule, I have found myself neglectful of many things. The time that I have is no different. Yes, my commute to work is more lengthy than my previous job, but the hours in my day are still 24. So what am I doing with those 24 that is preventing me from being whom he has called me to be? Oh, let me confess to you friend…worrying.

No longer will I let it rule over my soul. Can I shake it completely? Hmmm, only time will tell. I know that it is displeasing to He that has given me more than I could have ever imagined. So today, I begin again. Today, I start using a minute here and there for expansion of what He has called me to do. The topics in my head are causing me to have strain as they are so bountiful. Our national and global news alone beckons to be conversed.

Here I am. I stand with arms wide open. To the One, the Son, the Everlasting God. All that I have, I place into Your loving hands. There it is. That confession of trust in Him. Now, I need to just simply not take it back out of his hands. Oh that is for another post on another day!

I pray that you stand up today and realize a gift that you have been neglecting. I pray that today you find strength and courage to give it your energy once more. I pray today that you join me in shouting out His name from the rooftops. I am Yours, Oh God. I am Yours!