Thursday, August 26, 2010

It's Been a While

Today I was reflecting on the idea of writing and toying with it as I have been for over a year now. I recognize that I write in the midst of trial and tribulation and fail to share my reflection in the time of peace and tranquility. However, I feel that peace and tranquility are but a blip on the radar in my household - the storm continues as we battle new enemies. Yet, I want to be more diligent about praising and sharing with those whom feel encouraged or just entertained by my transferring of thought to ink. If any read this today, be of good heart to know that our God is the Everlasting God and He promises that He will be there REGARDLESS. He sees your worth and considers it priceless. You are irreplaceable to Him and the value that is seen by others in you cannot even begin to compare to He WHO CREATED YOU. Know that You will not have it easy, but in the end, WE WILL FIND REST. He does promise that. He does indeed promise that.

Be fearsome today!