Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Polka Dot Bottom

Friday morning of last week, we encountered our regular routine here at the Powell house. I arose and went to run off the candy I ate the day before while Jer and the girls dreamed of their own candy. Usually while I am away for the small time in the morning, the rest of my clan also begins to stir. More often than not, it is Emma awakening and meandering into our bedroom to awaken her Daddy. However, this time, he got out of bed and began preparing for his day before hearing from her.

When he got out of the shower though, he heard a faint little cry coming from another part of the house.

"Help. Help me! Help me!" she cried.

Jeremy goes racing out of the bathroom trying to find her. In his haste, he blazes past her only to hear her redirect him. "I'm in here!"

He turns around and goes back down the hall to her bathroom to find her at the potty. -side note: we have returned the potty training chair to the bathroom because of her recent bout with accidents due to her illness. So she can go to the bathroom on her own. She just can't dispose of it on her own. - Jeremy finds her in the bathroom, pants down around her ankles. Her pull-up that she was wearing for the night is off and DRY. She has gone potty in the potty chair; wiped herself appropriately; and was now trying to attempt to put medicine on her bottom.

You see, Emma thinks that if you poop, you must apply some sort of ointment afterwards. So we keep some Balmex in a basket on the back of the toilet to sooth her 3 year old mind. This means that she went poop and waddled like a penguin over to the big potty to get this tube of Balmex and now, because of an inability to see her backside, yet a strong desire to "do-it-herself", had created an adorable polka-dot pattern of salve on her two butt cheeks trying to apply medicine.

Even Emma laughs about this one.

Friday, May 09, 2008

coming soon...

I have loaded pictures of my girls - yes, even Abbi. They will be appearing at a blogsite near you. I was reminded with my recent trip to Texas that I am falling down on the job of keeping you all posted on the progress of my little ones. ABBI IS 6 MONTHS OLD! WOW! She is too much fun now. She laughs and giggles and yesterday Emma spent the afternoon entertaining Abbi by playing peek-a-boo and dancing around like a mad woman. Abbi would just cackle and laugh hysterically. It was such a blessing to my day. I know many of you know this small pleasure. I really see them being the best of friends. Yes, I might appear naive, but I am praying for it now and I know God will protect this desire of my heart.

Also, today we are getting DirectTV. We are emerging from the 20th century to the 21st century in a minor way. Recently, our church had 14 or so pine trees cut from our property. When we first arrived here, we attempted to have Direct and Dish come and install. Both said, "no, go" because of the trees. With this amount gone, we thought for sure, one would be able to do so. Dish says no for the second time and Direct says yes on the SECOND OPINION. So, to touch back on the trees and to give you an idea of how many are still on the property, I still have turned on our air conditioning. We are just running ceiling fans and we are having highs in the 80s here. We love it though.

One last thing, if you take a moment today, my brother is celebrating his birthday and it would be grand if you commented on his blog with a hearty cheerful greeting. He is no longer jaceonline.com, but has reconfigured his comments to thecynicalchristian.com.