Wednesday, June 20, 2007

It's A Girl!

Today was a monumental occasion for the Powell family as we were blessed to find the sex of our new addition to our family. Below you will find the other pictures of our angel as she is growing in her mommy's tummy. All organs and limbs were perfectly proportioned and she is guestimated to be weighing in at 9 ounces right now. Unfortunately, I have gained more than that, but she needs the extra padding. Hee hee! All of her tests came back negative (for downs and such) and the estimated time of arrival is sometime between November 11-15. We were ecstatic to hear such news. As many of you might already know, a very special date falls within that window. My mother passed away on the 14 of November and now it comes full circle. Around the same time, we will add a new lady to our family that will blossom into a wonderful and loving girl.

How is Jeremy, you might ask? Fine. He says that he is already defeated. He now is whipped by 2 little girls and Mommy. The poor dog cannot count because he is no longer a true male. As long as one of them will play some sport, he will be fine. Jeremy keeps forgetting, though I may be very feminine, I spent a large portion of my child rearing in the barn, at the creek, or on the ball field/court. I think one, if not both of our girls will give him a chance to teach someone to throw and catch. If not, maybe we try for another. hee hee!