Sunday, March 18, 2007

Emma's Birthday Party

Oh to be a toddler all over again! Emma and her posse celebrated the Big TWO in a Big Way! We had her birthday party at the Little Gym. If you are unfamiliar with this establishment, let me tell you a bit about it. They bring in the aspects of a gymnasium for training gymnastics, yet decorate and modify for your younger performers. There are balance beams with extensions so they are not the standard narrow pathway. There are uneven bars with enormous mats underneath to allow for big falls. The entire floor is the same as the floor on a competition gymnastic floor routine (bouncy and soft). There is tons more including an inflatable run like a moonwalk.

Basically they would let the tots run around and scream and play and climb for about 15 minutes, then they would bring them in for an organized game. After the game, we had more screaming and playing. If you have checked out Jeremy's website most recently, you will see a wonderful picture of Daddy and Emma walking the balance beam. She had sooooo much fun and I really think most of the other kids did too. In fact, I would dare to say that most of the parents had a blast as well as we ran around with our tots and just let them roll around and play. Some of the organized games caused Emma to be a fraidy cat, but that's ok. The other kids loved them. We loved parachute time, until we were wrapped up like a present in the parachute. It proved to be traumatizing. She got over it quickly though.

We had Curious George birthday cake followed by a swarming of gifts of fantastic books and clothes and games. Thank you to all of you who made this day so fun. Papa and Jason were even able to join us and celebrate Emma's big day. Jason was our professional photographer and captured most of the day on still shots while Papa helped out by video taping the big event. We had a blast. Have I said that already? If I were celebrating my 2nd birthday, this would have been the most exciting party I could have had. I got to feel young and carefree all over again as well. It was fabulous!

I will take a couple of entries to try to enter all the pictures. Jason and Jeremy did a great job of capturing the day.