Thursday, October 27, 2005

Old Money

Today in my class we are studying about the social classes of Colonial Society and of today. My students have been informed that "Old Money" is at the top of society and is unattainable by we that have not inherited it. Yet, they cannot grasp that. They asked me over and over again, "Can we become Upper-Upper Class?" Again, and again I would sadly explain that they may only attain Lower-Upper Class in this lifetime - "New Money". The constant urge to be at the top though perplexed them and troubled them greatly. Why is there a class that exists that we cannot reach? Don't you see? We created the class system ourselves by how we perceive each other in terms of $$$, education, family connection, occupation, etc. Therefore, we in essence, created the "Old Money" classification and hence, we created the unattainable goal...

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