Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Southern Dictionaries

Words are so necessary in truly understanding one another. Yes, yes, we can communicate without them, but to hear accents, pronunciations, and diction allows us to see even further into the heart of a person. Do not misunderstand this though! By this definition I am not stating that one who "mispronounces" a word is lacking - this is far from the case. I see one who "mispronounces" as one who introduces ideas to the rest of their fellow man. Perhaps the way that the word has been pronounced previously is not beneficial to society. Perhaps the previous emphasis is on the wrong syllable. Perhaps simply the person is simply trying to connect with us and simply needs redirecting on how they might do so in larger circles. Or perhaps you are missing out on that circle!

Words to contemplate:
column - meaning pillar or post - pronounced callyum
battery - meaning element to conduct electric power to a device - pronounced battree
or how about:
Whomperjawed - something that is not alligned appropriately - phonetic pronunciation is acceptable
emo - referring to someone who is truly emotional
metro- as in metrosexual - referring to a male who takes great interest in their hygiene

Any additions would be welcomed to this posting.

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Jeremy said...

emo and metro, I haven't heard those before. Tell me, what do you know about a whomperkitty