Thursday, September 29, 2005

Football Weather

Hallelujah! Hooray! Yippee! Praise the Lord! Yeehaw! Whoo hoo! Yessss! Today I arose and went through my morning ritual (minus my jog because I am a lazy bum). I openned the back door to release the hound upon the grassy knoll and found much to my delight the weatherman had actually been correct in his forcast. The Norther had swept into our little town and it was in fact quite cooler outside. There is nothing greater than the crisp breeze on a cool Autumn morning or the same slightly damp air sinking in on a Fall evening. This seasonal climate change is always associated with the fondest of memories to me. It brings about nothing greater than the images of football in my mind. I always stop and take a deep breath soaking in the aroma. It floods me with emotions of high school football games and college game day in the SEC (there is no other conference). Just the right temperature for a long sleeve t-shirt or a light pullover, yet not cold enough for your big thick coat with mittens. That shall come though! Just the right temperature to begin to entertain the notion of hot chocolate, warm nachos with artificial cheese, steaming hot dogs and corn dogs and stale popcorn. Just cool enough where if you paint your face it won't melt off. Perfect temperature to enjoy after game activities without worrying about perspiration marks on your attire. Get out your sweatshirts, pompoms, bull horns, & caps. Take time to clear your calendar for highlights and pep rallies. Change your ring tones and voicemails to reflect your alliance. IT IS FINALLY TIME FOR FOOTBALL MY FRIENDS!

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KristenRea said...

I love this weather! I love football. I love Fall! Yay for new seasons! :-)